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Journal Articles

Choy, James P. (2020), "Kompromat:  A theory of blackmail as a system of governance," Journal of Development Economics 147, 102535

Choy, James P. (2020), "Religious rules as a means of strengthening family ties:  Theory and evidence from the Amish," Journal of Comparative Economics 48:3, 729-748.

Choy, James P. (2018), "Social Division with Endogenous Hierarchy," Economic Journal 128:615, 2711-2742.

Book Chapters

Choy, James P. (2022), "Religion and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital," In K.F. Zimmerman (Ed.), Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics, Springer

Working Papers

Choy, James P. (2024), "A theory of discriminatory institutions, with applications to apartheid and to the political economy of migration"

Choy, James P. (2022), "Rewarded by pride or punished by guilt?  How socially induced moral emotions promote altruism"

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